The Lustron Company of Columbus, Ohio manufactured kits for prefab steel homes after World War II. Neil Staebler secured the rights to the local franchise, and built nine of them in Ann Arbor.

Where are the Lustrons?

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Speaker: Kjirsten Blander. This architectural investigator will tell us about prefabricated Lustron homes, porcelain enameled steel houses developed after WW II in response to the GI housing shortage. Parking is available in the large public lot just south of the House.

Today’s home is a Lustron house that is for sale in Ann Arbor, Michigan (M Go Blue!). A reader and friend of Ruth’s found the listing and sent it to Ruth, who sent it to me and now I’m sending it to you! Thanks, Pat! Great find! And, thank you, Ruth for making my WYBMN post easy-peasy today!!!!