1520 Hill St., one of the two Luther Co-op houseshttp://www.icc.coop/prospective/houses/luther.php

Luther Buchele Cooperative House is located at 1510-1520 Hill St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104


The White Panther Party in front of 1520 Hill.1520 Hill St. in May 1975, at the end of the Vietnam War.

The buildings at 1510 and 1520 Hill St. that are now occupied by Luther Co-op once housed John Sinclair, Pun Plamondon, and the rest of the members of the White Panther Party. The MC5 also lived in the houses for a time.

More on the history of the buildings can be found here: http://freeingjohnsinclair.aadl.org/freeingjohnsinclair/essays/evolution_of_a_commune