I'm always searching for good Mac and cheese. Have you got an excellent recipe?

On my commercial list: Noodles and Co. on State.

One of the signature dishes at Zingerman's Roadhouse, I believe. Six styles available, $12.50-$19.00. The pimento cheese version is delightfully zesty.

The Mac-n-Cheese at Casey's is pretty good. It's more like a cheese noodle soup.

The Old Town's Mac-n-Cheese is quite tasty, but it's an infrequent special. Put in a request with the owners, Chris and Steve!

The kid's Mac-n-Cheese at ABC is made with canned nacho cheese sauce. Avoid.

Avoid: Grizzly Peak. Actually, that's advice best taken very generally.

Try dirt's recipe.

Kate makes Lynne Rosetto Kasper's 21st Century Mac and Cheese.

Try the recipe from Mother's Kitchen.

The RC caf mixes shell noodles, fake cheese, and yellow to make a mild-tasting slop.

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