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News stand, now closed. "Across the street from Afterwords."

Hours: Closed.
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Owner: Kay Marsh

Main Street News was owned by Kay Marsh and sold a wide variety of local and out of town newspapers and magazines from all around the world. It was the best news store in the city, and closed in the mid 1990s.

November 1998: The "milkshake" machine and waffle iron seem to both be permanently out of service. Main Street News has gone out of business and the newspaper coin boxes in front of the Fleetwood have been removed, so it now takes some planning to get a paper to read over coffee.

Kay Marsh owned the Main Street News in Ann Arbor -- the greatest newstand in the history of Western civilization. Kay carried them all. Mainstream publications, foreign titles, zines, the hopelessly obscure and most outrageous. And she was more like a party host than shopkeeper. She loved talking with customers, and she loved magazines. I always paid Kay a visit when I visited Ann Arbor. When she closed her store, I was so sad. I'll bet half of Ann Arbor feels the same.