Mainstreet Ventures is a locally-founded company that now owns and operates restaurants in Michigan, Ohio, West Virgina, and Florida. Their web site describes the origin of the company:

Founded in 1981 the Mainstreet group is situated in the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan, a city known for its diverse culture and exciting atmosphere. The original owners, Dennis Serras, Dieter Boehm (now retired) and Michael C. Gibbons at that time had a combined experience in the restaurant industry in excess of fifty years. The partners joined in a common purpose of developing distinctive upscale restaurants that were recognized as the communities best. Featuring sites in downtown areas versus the typical urban chain sites we were able to stand out in our communities for our landmark locations, memorable facilities and exceptional dining experiences.

As the name suggests, the company owns most of the restaurants located on Main Street between Liberty and William, as well another restaurant located on Commonwealth Blvd. on the other side of town. In addition, they operate most of their restaurants found in Ann Arbor in other locations around the country, as well as some restaurants in various places around the country not found in Ann Arbor.

The full list of Mainstreet Ventures restaurants in Ann Arbor includes:

It's worth noting that Mainstreet Ventures restaurants are upscale and quite expensive.


In the news

Ellie Serras first got involved in the group in the early '90s, at the encouragement of her husband and then-president of the Main Street group, Dennis Serras. Dennis Serras is an owner of Mainstreet Ventures, which owns several local restaurants including Real Seafood Co. and The Chop House.

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