Malletts Creek runs to the Huron River from the south, beginning south of Packard Road and entering the Huron River at the pond across the railroad tracks near US-23.


Sometime after 1890, the creek also became known as Chalmers Creek, during the days when landowners named creeks flowing through their properties after themselves, without much thought to the similarly eponymous tendencies of other landowners up and down stream from them, resulting in water courses with different names in their different parts. John C. Chalmers farmed his land near the Huron, and he claimed that his breed of cattle (Guernsey) was more valuable than the Jerseys and that he had the first of this kind of stock that was ever brought to this country. As early as 1915, some maps of Washtenaw County simply call Malletts Creek a county drain, and in 1926, at least one branch of Malletts Creek came to be known by the practical, yet none-too-romantic name of Pittsfield-Ann Arbor Drain. By 1928, much of what we now call Malletts Creek was established by the County Drain Commissioner as a rural county drain and went by the above name. In 1990, a student of Community High School, Erika Noel, spurred yet another name change. Ms. Noel petitioned the Pittsfield Township and Ann Arbor City Councils to petition the County Drain Commissioner to change the name of the creek back to its first known historical name, thinking that this name would better represent what, to her, was not merely a drain for runoff water but a living creek, with at least a century of history behind it.


Timeline: Malletts Creek

April 7, 2016. 400,000 gallons of sewage spill into Malletts Creek in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor News. "A public works crew member for the city discovered a sanitary sewer manhole overflowing in a wooded area near the intersection of Washtenaw Avenue and Huron Parkway late Wednesday morning, city officials said."