Manish Parikh was the Student Body President of the University of Michigan in 2012-2013. Prior to being elected to this position he was never previously involved with student government, and became the first Independent candidate to be elected in the recent history of the University1.

An Editorial by the campus newspaper credited Parikh and his administration with "legitimizing the role of student government at the University."2 Through a yearlong effort in reengaging the student body his Administration presided over the highest voter turnout in the history of the University in the subsequent election. Upon completion of their term they were credited with fulfilling all of their campaign promises3, completing a total of 58 projects.4

Their administration was the first to make promoting entrepreneurship a major student government initiative5, and launched the first ever University wide month of entrepreneurship in the nation which was recognized and featured in a blog by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in September 20136.