Maude's menu

Maude's was a restauarant on South Fourth Street in Ann Arbor, across from the Blake Transit Center. It closed in 1998 after a twenty one year run, and was followed by the short-lived Arriba.

In the news

Maude's owners, Main Street Ventures' Dennis Serras, Dieter Boehm and Mike Gibbons, decided to close it during its twenty-first year to open a new Mexican restaurant called Arriba, said Barb McCoy, former general manager of Maude's. "They didn't want Maude's to go out bad," said McCoy, the new general manager of Arriba. They decided to open Arriba because "there's no good Mexican restaurant in town."

My gf Laura worked at Maude's in the kitchen during the 70s. I actually never ate there (pretty $$$), but she would bring home food stuff (like shrimp in a creamy sauce, etc.) that was really great (she worked as the saucier asst). Maude's had a cool location in an alley with alley-entry, its sign hanging outside along the sidewalk. It was a very popular fresh seafood restaurant and one of the few higher-end restaurants in A2 at the time.