Megabus -- download vcard

Inexpensive 2x daily bus service from Ann Arbor UM State St lot to Chicago Union Station. Prices vary, as low as $1.

Handicap access:

Megabus runs double-decker buses to and from Detroit and Chicago, stopping in Ann Arbor along the way. The majority of passengers for Chicago board in Ann Arbor. The busses are fairly (but not unreasonably) cramped. The first floor has a couple tables where groups can sit; the remaining seats upstairs are in the traditional blocks of two, all forward facing. It is difficult but possible to move while the bus is in transit, unlike Amtrak trains.

The driver makes one stop along the way for food -- currently at a Hardees in western Michigan. No concessions are available on board.


Megabus Bad Experience #287 - "The Drunken Bus Driver": We baked in the 5pm Ann Arbor sun, waiting for the Megabus to pick up 70+ of us. Finally 2 buses rolled in, dropping people off from Chicago who promptly informed us that the reason the bus was so late was that their driver had been pulled over and arrested on the side of the road in Michigan for driving while impaired. How he made it from Chicago to Michigan with 54 people in his bus is beyond me. (1 star, only 1 review)

I have survived the Megabus! I wish there was a t-shirt or something I could buy to proudly share this achievement with the world.