Misty Lyn Bergeron is the singer/songwriter at the head of Ann Arbor's Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful. Backing Misty Lyn are Matt Jones, Jim Roll, Carol Gray, and Ryan Gimpert, all individually recognized in the Ann Arbor / Ypsi indie-folk scene. The band released their debut , For the Dead, in early 2009 to rave reviews.


Real Detroit Weekly, 6 Jan 2009: Misty Lyn And The Big Beautiful - To Songs That Sent Us

Her lyrics are rapt with vivid sensory sweeps that make you feel the air, be it the warmth of summer’s lull or the compromising chill of oncoming autumn. Her soothing voice (never wispy, never imposing), and nostalgic narratives transport you to dreary playgrounds of the past, overcast by a storming mind’s melancholic reflection. She explores nature, she explores time, she explores death — but she is full of life. Her sound, forged by the adroit quartet The Big Beautiful, swells with warm, transfixing tones, sunny swinging guitar hooks over toe-tapping tambourines; seesawing neo-country inflections wobbled over burning guitar sunrays ready to blaze from a traditional folk sounding base out into a disarmingly explosive rock girth. Actually, it’s much more gothic singer/songwriter than folk or alt-country.

Metro Times, 28 Jan 2009: Misty Lyn & the Big Beautiful: For the Dead

This album has been a long time coming for Bergeron — and given its definitive treatment of her material, the artist finally has a document to cement her as not just one of the better songwriting forces on the Michigan scene but in contemporary folk music in general.

Ann Arbor News, 19 March 2009: Big show for The Big Beautiful

Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful - what a great name for a band. ... There is indeed something beautiful about the music of this Ann Arbor-based group. Many of Bergeron's songs are carried along by melodies that are haunting and lovely, befitting the wistful tone and moodiness of her lyrics. And her voice has a beckoning quality that, sometimes, is equally haunting.