Mitchell Elementary School is an elementary school in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. It is located at 3550 Pittsview Drive, immediately adjacent to Scarlett Middle School, the Scarlett Mitchell Nature Area, and Mitchell-Scarlett Woods

Mitchell Elementary authorized as an International Baccalaureate (IB) world school for the preK-5th grade Primary Years Programme (PYP). The IB track continues with the 6th-10th grade Middle Years Programme (MYP) at Scarlett Middle and the 11th-12th grade Diploma Programme (DP) at Huron High,

The school mascot is the Mighty Mustangs.


  • 1966: In February Jack Engelhardt is named principal, He replaces Russell West who had resigned. Mr. Engelhardt serves as principal until June of 1969, when he is named principal of Dixboro School.
  • 1951:  Built originally as part of what was then the Pittsfield School District, the school is annexed to the Ann Arbor School System in 1957.  The school is named after Mary D. Mitchell. Of Mrs. Mitchell's 30 years of service, 18 years were spent in the Pittsfield School System, serving as teacher, principal and Superintendent of Pittsfield schools.

2015-2016 Administration:

Principal: Kevin Karr
Assistant Principal: Matt Hilton

Contact Information:

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Phone: 734-997-1216
Fax: 734-997-1228

3550 Pittsview Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108