The Mittenfest event for 2007:

Brandon Zwagerman and 826 Michigan are organizing the 2d annual Mittenfest. Here's their band lineup.

as quoted from the 826 Michigan site:

Join us for our second annual celebration of all things Michigan. We had such a great time at the Corner Brewery last year that this year we’ve expanded Mittenfest to two additional venues and another night. (And so many bands wanted to be involved, we’ve already decided that next year’s Mittenfest will likely involve three full days of music!)

Among many other things, this means that for the low, low price of $20 (to benefit our free student programming, of course), you have the potential to see more than twenty bands over the course of two days. Are we the only ones who find that prospect terribly exciting?

Many thanks to all the musicians and venues who have so graciously stepped forward to help us! And, of course, a huge thank you to Brandon Zwagerman, who is to Mittenfest what the wizard is to Oz.