Ned Duke (d. 2000) was the owner of Mr. Flood's Party at 120 W Liberty St in Ann Arbor.

Timeline: Ned Duke

But the arrival of three classy new bars – Mr. Flood’s Party, the Del Rio, and the Blind Pig – in the early ’70s would begin to change all that. Mr. Flood’s was opened in the summer of 1969 by youth-savvy entrepreneurs Ned Duke and Robert “Buddy” Jack, and the arty décor and live jazz, country, and blues music soon attracted a different sort of crowd – younger, hipper – and wealthier.

July 11, 1998. The Flood's Reunion draws 800, a benefit for Food Gatherers.

Oct 4, 1984. Patent US4650146 A filed, "Surf fishing rod holder ". Issued Mar 17, 1987.

1980. Mr. Flood's Party and Leopold Bloom's declare bankruptcy.

1977. Leopold Bloom's restaurant opens.

May 1, 1969. Mr. Flood's Party opens.

1966. Ned Duke graduates from the University of Michigan.

Sources: Ned Duke

Ned Edward Duke, Ann Arbor District Library "Old News" collection.