Oestrike Stadium is the baseball stadium at Eastern Michigan University. It seats about 1300 in the stands, and about 5,000 more can be seated on the field. It is named after EMU Hall of Fame Coach Ron Oestrike and was built in 1971.

In 2009, Oestrike will serve for one season as the home stadium for the Midwest Sliders; the Sliders are a minor league baseball team in the Frontier League, and will be playing in Ypsilanti until their stadium in Waterford is constructed. Upon reaching their final home there, they will be known as the Oakland Cruisers.

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Obama campaign offices as well as Eastern Michigan University ticket offices will have a limited supply of the free tickets, which are standing-room only for Springsteen's performance on Monday at EMU's baseball stadium, Oestrike Stadium.

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Oestrike Stadium got its first shot at hosting professional baseball in 2009 when the Midwest Sliders (previously a traveling team in the Frontier League) moved here. Certainly this is just a one year move as the Sliders are awaiting their new home to be built in Oakland County where they will be rebranded the Oakland County Cruisers. But after attending a game here, I was left to wonder what the point was in even finding a temporary home for the Sliders. It appeared that little effort was being made to market the team and practically nobody was showing up at the games.

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