Old Fourth Ward may describe the geographical area between Glen Avenue, Huron Street, Fifth Avenue, Detroit Street, and the Huron River that once comprised a distinct political district in Ann Arbor, the Fourth Ward (in Ann Arbor, as in much of the United States, electoral districts are numbered, rather than named). Now this area is entirely within the First Ward.

Old Fourth Ward may also describe the historical district, established in 1983, covering much of this area. Although today the neighborhood is primarily student rental, even in the 19th century it was a thriving area with many churches and schools. As a result, it has many important historical buildings connected with well known architects and founders of the University. These include St. Andrews Church, St. Thomas and First Baptist Church, the homes of medical and law professors, Community High School (formerly Jones Elementary School, which served Ann Arbor's Black community before desegregation), The Treasure Mart (a former planing mill), Zingerman's (a former grocery store), and the Hands-On Museum (formerly a fire station).

For the area's neighborhood association, see Old Fourth Ward Association.


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