Ollie McLaughlin (1925-1984) was a DJ on WHRV (later WAAM) in Ann Arbor. He produced records on the Karen, Carla, and Moira record labels, and launched the careers of Detroit area artists including Deon Jackson in 1962.

Ollie McLaughlin organized a concert that was held at the Masonic Temple on May 9, 1954.  The concert featured the Chet Baker Quartet and another group called The Four Robbins.  I would like to obtain detailed information regarding The Four Robbins.  Who were they, an R&B combo, a jazz combo, a vocal group?  I do not believe that they are the same group as The Robins, a vocal quintet that was playing an extended gig in Los Angeles at this time at the Club Oasis.

McLaughlin was also responsible for bringing the Dave Brubeck Quartet to Ann Arbor, a concert that was recorded and released by Columbia Records.

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Influential record producer Ollie McLaughlin saw promise in Upper Peninsula rock band the Excels and their lead singer, Clark Sullivan.

She worked with record producer Ollie McLaughlin, a black disc jockey at Ann Arbor’s (WHRV) radio station, since renamed.