Osmer is the railroad name for the interchange point between the Ann Arbor Railroad and the Great Lakes Central Railroad in Ann Arbor Township, between Warren Road and Joy Road. It was named after John E. Osmer, who was superintendant of motive power for the Ann Arbor Railroad in 1916.

Osmer Junction

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In the 1880’s the Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad Company (which would evolve into the Toledo, Ann Arbor and North-eastern Railroad Co, and eventually into the TAA&NM) originated in Toledo, extended north through Ann Arbor and terminated in South Lyon. Property was acquired and grades were established at various locations, with the city of Pontiac as the intended final destination. Stubborn property owners located between South Lyon and Wixom would not relinquish their property rights to the railroad. A decision was made and the TAA&NM RR was redirected north, towards Owosso and Lake Michigan. [1] This change of direction occurred in Northfield Township (near North Territorial and Earhart roads) with the establishment of Leland Station (named for the owner of the property). The new tracks made an almost 90 degree curve and headed northwest towards Whitmore Lake and Hamburg. The tracks between Leland and South Lyon remained for several years but they were rarely used. [2] The curvature of the ‘Leland Bend’ was so severe that trains could not safely travel over it unless they were going at a very slow speed. In 1894 or 1895 new tracks were laid at a location which is still known as Osmer (a few miles north of Ann Arbor). These new tracks headed north, directly towards Whitmore Lake and are still in use today. Travel over the dangerous ‘Leland Bend’ was no longer necessary and this section of track fell into infrequent use.