Patricia Ashford Manley is a trustee on the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education. She was elected in 2014 for a term that runs through 2018.

Patricia Ashford Manley.Manley is a retired educator who worked for the AAPS district for 41 years, including a decade as the principal at Thurston Elementary School. Before that she was a teacher and administrator at Huron High School.

She is a member of the local Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and has served as its president. She received the Distinguished Service Award from the Ann Arbor Branch of the NAACP and the Eugene Power Achievement Award from the United Negro College Fund of Washtenaw County.

She is married to Lamont Manley, a project manager at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research. They live on Ann Arbor's south side near Buhr Park.


Nov. 4, 2014: Wins election to the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education. Four seats were contested by 10 candidates: Incumbents Susan Baskett  and Christine Stead, as well as Manley, Jeffery Harrold, Donna Lasinski, Jack Panitch, Deirdre Piper, Hunter Van ValkenburghDon Wilkerson and Roland Zullo. Manley received 13,845 votes (12.14%), coming in fourth in the field of 10 candidates.

2011: Retires from AAPS after a 41-year career.

2004: Is inducted into the Huron High "River Rat Hall of Fame."

2001-2011: Serves as principal of Thurston Elementary School.

1998-2001: Works as assistant principal at Huron High School.

1987-1998: Works as a guidance counselor at Huron High School.

1981-1984: Serves as a coordinator and teacher in the Huron High Springboard Program, designed for high risk tenth graders. 

DATE? Receives master's degree in guidance and counseling from Eastern Michigan University. 

1971-1983: Serves as the varsity and junior varsity cheerleading coach at Huron High School.

1970: Begins work as a teacher at Huron High School

1970: Earns bachelor's degree in education from Western Michigan University.

1963: Graduates from Ann Arbor High School.

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