Peter J. "Pete" Murdock  (b. May 1, 1943; d. May 4, 2019)served as Mayor of Ypsilanti from 1982-1989, as well as serving on Ypsilanti City Council. Murdock won a return to the Council 2008. carrying 57% of the vote against Ypsilanti Planning Commission Chairman Rod Johnson in the August 2008 Primary, and 67% against Independent candidates Mike Eller and Ted Windish in the November 2008 Election.

Murdock was defeated in the August 2010 primary for Mayor receiving 40.59% of the vote and losing to Paul Schreiber (D) who received 59.01% of the vote.

Murdock was instrumental in creating the Ypsilanti Food Co-op and Ypsilanti's municipal recycling system. He was also charged with election fraud in 1995 but not convicted.

2008 campaign website:

2010 mayor's race

Pete Murdock is considering a run for mayor against incumbent Paul Schreiber.


It’s been requested that I start a thread here on the front page about the Ypsilanti Ward 3 City Council race between Rod Johnson and Pete Murdock. I’ve been reluctant to venture into the fray previously as this particular race is so contentious, and since so much of what’s been said thus far is regrettably nonsense, but, since other threads are being hijacked by members from both camps, I’ve reluctantly agreed to open up a new battlefield where people can line up and heave heavy rocks into one another’s skulls while our city continues to falter… So, this is for you, folks. Enjoy.

bio and background

Pete has a vision for the future of Ypsilanti. He talks of extending a "regional system" developed out of a "bottom up structure." He looks to a day where residents can pitch in and help craft this vision, but stepping into the current leadership vacuum says people "can't get activated until they have something to get activated around." The best bet for putting such a focal point in the hands of the people is likely to be through the "what's old is new" grassroots activist route of Pete and Grace.

Controversy, 1985