The Pilot program is/was a program where dormitory supervisors also served as instructors in the Pilot Program courses. Some of these courses were special sections of typical freshman courses. Other courses were special courses taught no where else in the university. A few of these courses were, Existentialism taught by Norman Hartweg, and An Overview of Low Energy Technology, taught by Jim (James) Burgel. Al students had to take the 1 credit Pilot Program Theme Experience which was a series of lectures and performances by scholars, media personalities and artists.

The Pilot Program often found itself at odds with University Administration. Sometimes the reasons for this seemed to be off color courses such as "Fermented Foods" and "Indoor Botany". Another course studied the fee structure of University Housing and turned up many irregularities. Even the Co-ed corridor caused trouble with administration.

The Pilot Program is housed in Alice Lloyd Hall, a dormitory that has been falling into Palmer Field since 1973.