Pizza, chapatis, salads, sandwiches, a variety of other food in that style. Located on Church Street just south of South University.

It's one of the few South U restaurants capable of taking a party of 8 without reservations at lunchtime, and it's about to get bigger with an addition going up next door. Lunch for 8 with tip was about $104, or $13 each, and we didn't order anything fancy.

Open late (4 am).

618 Church St Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (734) 995-5095

Web site:

Twitter: pizzahse

They also have a location in East Lansing.


Personally I prefer the Cottage Inn, which I think has slightly better pizza at a slightly lower price. But don't get me wrong, Pizza House definitely has quality pizza. I've also ordered non-pizza items here and they have been great as well. For a nice dinner, I'd probably head to the Cottage Inn, but Pizza House would not be a bad choice. (4 stars)