Owning a restaurant runs in (Katy) Loy's family, too. Her grandparents owned several eateries in Ann Arbor over the years, including Pizza Loy and Dairy Joy.

Researching locations, she almost opened a shop in Dundee. But Katy could not shake her Ann Arbor roots and her family tradition. Long-time townies remember her grandparents’ four local restaurants, “Pizza Loy Double D,” “Loy’s Speedy Lunch,” “Dairy Joy and Pizza Loy,” and “Loy’s Snappy Service.” Katy finally persuaded her skeptical father to let her use her grandparents’ Packard Road space. Dennis, an architect, designed the tiny triangle-shaped room for maximum efficiency, and it is surprisingly roomy and cheery.

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Pizza Loy. State Street between Hill and Packard; also on Huron near South Division. All of Ann Arbor grieved when rotund and cherubic Pizza Bob passed away in August, 1971. A master artist in the medium of pizzas and submarine sandwiches, he is survived by his wife, Pizza Babe, and his memory lives on.

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Freaks also hang out at "Pizza Loy's" (dig the submarine sandwich), "Mark's" on South University Avenue and "The Ugly" (undergraduate library) in the basement - the second and third floors are for straights.