Plymouth Road runs from Ann Arbor to Plymouth.


Old trails;

As a post road; mail service to post offices of Dixboro, Superior, and Geer;

Settlements along the road and their founding dates; Frains Lake;

Improvements; as Red Arrow Highway (1953?); as US-12 (to 1956); as M-14; building of the expressway (1964); etc.

Street directory


"Soon after I came to Detroit (May 1825) I made a contract to carry the mail from Detroit to Ann Arbor for four years, and all that time I forded all the streams, never once crossing a bridge, for there were none to cross. During the winter of 1825 and 1826 my son Lucius and I carried the mail on horseback, and often in fording the rivers in high water we were obliged to secure the mail bags on the top of the saddle, grasp the horse's mane and swim him over." Bethuel Farrand, Volume 6, page 445 of the Michigan Pioneer Collection.

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