Pontiac Trail starts at Orchard Lake Road in Orchard Lake in Oakland County. It continues out of Orchard Lake passing through West Bloomfield TownshipWalled LakeNew HudsonSouth Lyon, Worden (at Five Mile Road), and Emory, ending at Swift Street near Broadway Street.

  • Robert Frost lived on Pontiac Trail during his time in Ann Arbor. The house was purchased and moved to Greenfield Village after Frost left.

Swift Street

Moore Street

Taylor Street


  • Leads to US/Business 23 and
    • a very dangerous northbound on/offramp
    • A well designed southbound on/offramp
    • Bandemer Park's primary entrance.
    • The south entrance to Barton Hills.
    • Whitmore Lake Road.

Past Barton:


(an overpass)

Warren Road

Pontiac Trail turns northeast around Warren.






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They've got a caboose!

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