Song from Ragnar Kvaran Group's album Standing Like Shadows. The song features of Ragnar on Vocal and guitar. Terry Vogel on guitar, Kathy Asheton on bass, Einar Kvaran on drums, and Mayo Hegar(Kurt Browne) on keys. While active, the band performed with REM, Bonnie Hayes, Human Switchboard, Destroy All Monsters, Dark Carnival, The Gun Club, Scott Morgan, Map Of The World, Art In America, Peter Holsapple, Lobster's Gorilla, NonFiction, It Play, The Flexibles, Carolyn Striho, Jem Targal, Stuart Dybek, Tom Carson, Mink DeVille, Dick Siegel and many others. The band was included on The Declaration Of Independents and Cruisin' Ann Arbor anthologies. Their first album, Wrecked On Love, was produced by Ron Asheton.