Rebecca Konieczny is the owner of Busy Hands, a yarn store on Main Street.

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Several people identified “Arthur” as one of the more aggressive panhandlers, known for walking with a single crutch. Rebecca Konieczny, owner of the Busy Hands yarn and gift store, said she’d gotten so mad that she followed him up and down Main Street, calling the police from her cell phone. Someone else suggested that perhaps merchants start carrying mace and pepper spray, to which Martelle responded: “I can’t condone the use of mace on the homeless population.”

"When it's not 10 degrees out, you are able to stroll and look and explore," said Rebecca Konieczny, owner of the Busy Hands gift and yarn store on South Main Street. "So many things in Ann Arbor are geared toward visitors ... and I think this is something I try to gear toward local people."

Owner Rebecca Konieczny wasn't fazed by Kevin's visit to her store. "I have a lot more men knitters than the average (knitting) store," she says. "Men feel more comfortable in my store. It's not intimidating. It's bright and colorful."