The Residential College is a small school within the University of Michigan's college of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LS&A). About 900 students are enrolled in the program, which focuses on language proficiency, arts, drama, and social science. RC students live in East Quad for their freshman and sophomore years.

Language Proficiency

The RC adds to the LS&A language requirement by requiring proficiency in at least a second language. Speaking, reading, composition, and comprehension skills are tested. RC students generally take two semesters of 8-credit intensive classes in Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Latin, or Russian. All standard 4-credit LS&A language courses are also open.


The RC celebrated its 40th anniversary in the fall of 2007 with a reunion.

Formed in 1967, the Residential College was originally planned as a $72-million campus near North Campus, completely sufficient, with dorms, apartments, classrooms, and dining facilities for 2,200 students. RC faculty would also have lived on-campus.

The college opened provisionally in East Quad while campus plans were being finalized. Eventually, the RC declared its permanent residence in East Quad as students argued for its central location and it became clear that the development money would be used by the University for other purposes.

At that time, the RC developed a core curriculum of classes in the liberal arts. A technical and practical test would be administered to all students at the end of their second year. Students rebelled, and while the core curriculum still exists, it is no longer required.