Rice Street is a short street in Ypsilanti that intersects East Cross just west of Fantasy Attic, running north past Frog Island to intersect East Forest right at the railroad tracks. 

There is some disagreement around the name of the street, with some calling it "Market Place", and others saying the two names are appropriately used for different pieces of the essentially single-block-long street. (View the comments to this AnnArbor.com article for an example.)  Evidence for consideration includes:

Part of Norris & Cross's plat of 1832, showing neither Rice nor Market streets.

  • The street has street signs at the northern end reading "Forest" and "Rice". The signpost at the southern end has only "Cross", with no sign settling what that end should be called.
  • The entire street is called "Rice" on the city's zoning map, county's "MapWashtenaw" zoning app, and the streets dataset from the state of Michigan's geographic data library; google maps disagrees.
  • The legal address of Frog Island Park is on Rice, according to the city's assessing database; the Freighthouse (and the parking lot next to Aubrees) have legal addresses on "Market Pl".
  • Neither of these street names appears in the original plat of the area (Norris & Cross's, 1832). Considering the plat was recorded 20 years before the railroad went in, some reconfiguration presumably happened later.