Rod Johnson was a candidate for the Ypsilanti City Council, Third Ward, in the August 2008 Primary.


Every re-appointment except Rod Johnson, to the Ypsilanti Planning Commission, was approved unanimously. Murdock and Councilmember Michael Bodary, D-Ward 2, both voted against Johnson.

It’s been requested that I start a thread here on the front page about the Ypsilanti Ward 3 City Council race between Rod Johnson and Pete Murdock. I’ve been reluctant to venture into the fray previously as this particular race is so contentious, and since so much of what’s been said thus far is regrettably nonsense, but, since other threads are being hijacked by members from both camps, I’ve reluctantly agreed to open up a new battlefield where people can line up and heave heavy rocks into one another’s skulls while our city continues to falter… So, this is for you, folks. Enjoy.