Rogers Corners is a historical settlement in Freedom Township, at the corner of Waters Road and Fletcher Road.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery is nearby.


If an early community included a church, its cemetery stood a much better chance of being preserved. Rogers Corner, at Fletcher and Waters roads, and Rowes Corner, at M-52 and Pleasant Lake Road, today consist of nothing more than a few farmhouses. Yet graves are still well maintained in the church cemeteries there. That’s because the settlements’ respective churches--Zion Lutheran in Rogers Corner and Sharon United Methodist in Rowes Corner--both have active congregations today.

This red brick structure, similar to Sharon United Methodist Church, was erected by German settlers in 1867. In 1917, a tornado ripped off the steeple, it was replaced by the shorter wood shingled version that you see today. The church cemetery, located just west of the church, has tombstones inscribed in German, and includes the plots of families who gave their names to roads in the area, Eisman and Eschelbach. Notice too, how close the buildings are at the crossroad; the church complex and the homes once formed a settlement called Rodgers Corners.

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