Independent Ann Arbor coffee roaster John Roos's business specializes in high-quality, free speech coffee.  Cafe and roaster at 1155 Rosewood St, and a new (2016) cafe downtown at 117 East Liberty.  John is a chef, a drummer, and an artist.  With Roos Roast, he "finally found a way to sell his art."  He's also a purist, and a student of all that is coffee culture.  

Available online at:

Local bike delivery. Available at some area stores (eg. Sparrow Meat and Produce) and served at some area restaurants

With the help of Stadium Hardware's engineering team, John converted a Nuova Simonelli lever pull machine originally from Akire from Italian to American propane fittings, mounted it on an old hot dog cart, and now has off-the-grid espresso at Farmer's Market.


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Roos Roast collage by Mark Bialek, 2014