Ryan Burns is founder and host of Ann Arbor Ignite, and past president of the board for A2Geeks, a nonprofit "dedicated to making southeast Michigan and Ann Arbor in particular, a great place for geeks and creatives to live, work, and play."

Ryan Burns at the August 2014 Bezonki Awards open house. (Photo courtesy of The Ann Arbor Chronicle.)

He is an electrical engineer specializing inFPGA design for digital video and signal processing applications, and currently works for Digital Design Corporation.

In 2014, Burns received one of six annual Bezonki awards given by The Ann Arbor Chronicle for his contributions to the community.

He maintains a personal blog at http://www.ryanburns.net/. His Twitter handle is @ryanburns.

Burns is married to Melinda Davis. They have one child and live on the south side of Ann Arbor.