Savoy was a short-lived live music venue in downtown Ypsilanti at 23 N. Washington, in the former home of Club Divine. Owner Dave Curtis closed the dance hall Divine in order to convert the space into a live music venue in March 2010, with Don Sicheneder booking shows. In June 2010, Andy Garris moved over from the Elbow Room to take the helm, but the Savoy was short-lived.

By Thanksgiving of that year, 7 months after it opened, the venue literally went dark, with utility DTE pulling the plug on several of Curtis' for a claimed $30,000 in unpaid electrical bills; reported that Curtis also owed $44,000 in back property taxes to Washtenaw County.

As of Fall 2011, the Savoy remains empty, alongside Curtis' other former businesses Pub 13 and J Neils Mongolian Barbecue, leaving a large hole in downtown Ypsilanti's entertainment scene. Garris, meanwhile, rejuvenated Depot Town's venue scene, launching Woodruffs Bar in time to host Mittenfest V only a month after the demise of the Savoy.

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