The School of Information (SI) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is a graduate and undergraduate school offering a Bachelors of Science in Information (BSI), Master of Science in Information (MSI), Master of Health Informatics (MHI) and a Doctor of Information (Ph.D.). The MHI degree is a joint program between SI and School of Public Health.

The school is housed in academic offices in North Quad, having moved there from West Hall in 2010.

Its field of study is information: how it is created, identified, collected, structured, managed, preserved, accessed, processed, and presented; how it is used in different environments, with different technologies, and over time. The school's stated mission is "connecting people, information, and technology in more valuable ways."

The School of Information is part of a growing list of "i-schools" devoted to the study of information as a discipline. These institutions have varied histories, some being newly created, others developing from earlier schools or departments focused on library and information science (as with SI), computer science, communications, or information technology. The school was the first of these institutions to relabel itself a "school of information", after previously being dubbed the School of Information and Library Science.

The current Dean at the School of Information is Thomas Finholt.

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