Schoolkids Records was one of the best places in Ann Arbor (or anywhere) to get records. It is now closed. Steve Bergman was the owner.

Their storefront was located on at 523 East Liberty Street next to the Michigan Theater just west of State Street. They carried recordings by all of the local bands and had a remarkably deep selection of blues, jazz, soul and almost anything you might want. They accomplished this by independently gauging their local customers instead of stocking whatever the national distributors told their stores to stock. They also carefully tracked on a daily basis what was sold and immediately restocked anything that was sold. If they didn't have it, then you probably didn't really want it anyway. Changes in store management and the decline of the independent record store business forced Schoolkids out of business. Schoolkids operated as a service for finding and ordering recordings as Schoolkids in Exile until it closed as well in January 2011.

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