Skunks are found in Ann Arbor. Discuss.

Evidence for skunks

Skunks included in lists of town fauna

  • The Mammals of Washtenaw County Michigan, Norman Wood, 1922, notes : Mephitis nigra, Eastern Skunk. The skunk was common when the first settlers arrived in this county. With the clearing of the forests it became abundant. Altogether I have seen hundreds about my old home in Lodi Township. Here in one winter about 1870 more than 30 were taken in one trap under an old barn. Although it usually passes most of the winter months in a state of hibernation it occasionally comes out during warm spells and wanders from one den to another.
  • A list of the mammals and birds of Ann Arbor and vicinity, by Joseph Beal Steere, notes "this animal bears man's society well, and frequently enters the city in its search for food", 1880.

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