Slauson Middle School (named after lifelong educator Herbert Slauson) was opened a year after Herbert Slauson's death. Feeder elementary schools include Eberwhite, Bach (has a choice zone to go to Forsythe or Slauson), Dicken, and Lawton. Most Slauson students continue on to Pioneer High School, although those in the Bach choice zone are in the Skyline district. Their school mascot is golden bears, and their colors are gold and red. 

Ann Arbor middle schools have five sport seasons for students to participate in. Slauson traditionally has very high participation in sports and after-school clubs. It's current clubs include:

Equity Club, Practice Club, Running Club, Anime Club, and Comic Book Club. 

10/10 middle school if you are in the area.


1937:  The school is first opened, named in honor of Herbert Slauson, a former Ann Arbor Superintendent of Schools. The first principal was Rolla B. Finley.

Contact Information:

Principal: Brandon Szwejkowski

School website:
PTSO website:

Phone: 734-994-2004
Fax: 734-994-1681
1019 W Washington St
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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