A business built on the creation of and experimentation of healthy, sustaining granola bar goods.

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Solid Gold Bars was born in 2009 at a farmers market when a few friends and myself were brainstorming about all natural goods to vend at our experimental farmers market booth. All of us ate healthy foods, took care of our bodies and were looking for something that would appeal to folks like us. We started to experiment in our home kitchens and as we came up with imaginative flavors for our brand, more and more people started picking up my bars. So, I decided to start the process of selling to stores on my own and get a bit more serious. This is when Solid Gold Bars was born.

One of the most important goals that resonates with me (and hopefully, you!) is to know what is in my food that makes it taste good, gives me energy and helps sustain me day-to-day. You will understand all ingredients in Solid Gold Bars and know where they originate. 

Solid Gold Bars are created and built by hand in Ann Arbor, Michigan with the highest quality ingredients and are made to order in small batches by myself in a commercially licensed kitchen space.

For more info please txt or call 734.223.9513