The purpose of our organization is to promote the bromeliad as a houseplant and to support its scientific study and conservation. Also, to promote and stimulate the friendship of people with the bromeliad as common denominator.

We publish on a bi-monthly basis a bromeliad newsletter, addressing all phases of the bromeliad as houseplant, such as buying, caring for, propagating, and displaying in horticultural shows.

We also organize field trips, mount bromeliad exhibits at garden shows, we exchange information on bromeliads and bromeliad culture with anyone interested. We have a show and sale each year in September at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Our meetings are on the third Saturday of the month as announced in the newsletter and are held in member homes and at commercial greenhouses and public gardens. The meetings offer educational programs as well as an opportunity to buy, trade, or exchange bromeliads with others. Michigan Bromeliad Society information and contact:

To the best of our knowledge there is no other bromeliad society in the state of Michigan.