The Starbucks location on the corner of State and Liberty.

Worldwide chain offering expensive and complex coffee drinks and some baked goods. There are a number of locations in the Ann Arbor area, including one at Main Street & Liberty and another at State Street & Liberty - a cafe rumored to be paying the highest rent of any space in downtown Ann Arbor. (The crown for highest rent anywhere apparently goes to the Starbucks in Arborland, but that location is no longer open 24x7)

If you don't know what Starbucks is, you've spent the last ten years either in the Supermax or Pyongyang, because those are the last two places left on Earth without one. Starbucks is a great way to relax and enjoy a good book or try new things. The free wifi is also a plus if you are looking to finish a project or enjoy a game with your caffeinated treat!


late 2015. Ann Arbor-Saline & Lohr opens, in the outlot on Ann Arbor Saline Road near Meijer. The internet here is horrible, with 140 ms ping times, 0.43 Mbps/down and 0.49 Mbps up.