The Stewardship Network is a grassroots cooperative organization working to protect, restore, and manage Michigan's natural lands and waters. It helps individuals, organizations, and businesses manage specific sites through sharing ideas, resources, and information. Join us now and see how connection makes all the difference in nature.

The Huron Arbor Cluster includes groups like the Huron River Watershed Council, Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation, the City of Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation, Legacy Land Conservancy, University of Michigan's Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum, Michigan State Parks, and many individuals and private landowners. Activities are geographically centered in Washtenaw County and surrounding areas. The Huron Arbor Cluster formed in 2005 with goals to work on establishing a tool sharing program; creating a list of people willing to help others survey and identify management strategies for their land; enhancing our means of communicating through email, list serves, and web site; and developing and hosting educational workshops.

Visit the Stewardship Networks webpage at [1] or the Huron Arbor Cluster webpage at [2]