Governor Jennifer Granholm announced a campaign of this name to encourage displaced Pfizer workers to remain in Ann Arbor.


Jones was part of a Feb. 16 panel at Blau Auditorium that also included Mike Miller, LSA '96, head of Google's Ann Arbor office, and Luke Song, owner of Mr. Song Millinery in Detroit and designer of the hat worn by singer Aretha Franklin at President Barack Obama's inauguration. The discussion Don't Go! What Will Keep You Here? was moderated by journalist and author Micheline Maynard, senior editor of Changing Gears and former New York Times correspondent. She also is a former adjunct lecturer at Ross.

The moment came when Prue Rosenthal, the board’s treasurer, asked this question: “How many of you plan to stay here?” Silence – then some awkward laughter. None of the six students, it turns out, intend to stick around Ann Arbor after graduation.

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