Greetings, UM Faculty, Staff and other Ann Arbor Community Members:

Working in conjunction with the City of Ann Arbor, University Housing has established Move-In plans that will ease traffic congestion on and around campus, and will help to ensure as little traffic delay as possible for the University and the Ann Arbor community at large. Each student has been assigned a specific day to move in, in order to distribute the number of arrivals per day more evenly and to allow us to control traffic in specific areas more efficiently. In addition, parents and students are directed not to arrive on campus before 9am or to drive on or around campus between 4pm and 6pm. This will minimize Move-In traffic during rush hours, when most University staff and other community employees arrive at, and depart from work.

University faculty and staff are encouraged to avoid driving in residence hall areas when possible. However, those who cannot find alternate routes will find officers from University Housing Security, the Department of Public Safety and the Ann Arbor Police Department stationed at entry points near main intersections, where they’ll assist in keeping traffic moving and directing students to unloading spaces by each hall.