Sunset Road runs roughly parallel to and just south of M-14. It connects Newport Road at the western end (near Forsythe and Wines Schools) with Wildt Street (and therefore Summit Street) at the eastern end.

Sunset, City of Ann Arbor Assessor

Connecting Roads

Civic Features

From Wildt to Newport, Sunset Road climbs almost 170 feet in elevation (see MapWashtenaw "contours" layer). The City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant at 919 Sunset Road takes advantage of its elevation to allow gravity-fed distribution of the city's drinking water supply.

Other notable locations on Sunset include Hunt Park (located between Spring Street and Daniel Street); St. Thomas Cemetery, an entrance trail to Bluffs Nature Area, and the James L. Crawford Elks Lodge.


Municipal issues

Electronic mail released as part of the City Council email FOIAs shows resident complaints from January 2007 related to snow plowing of snow from the street onto the sidewalks on Sunset, and subsequent ticketing of residents for not removing the snow from their sidewalks.