Susan Martin is the 22nd president of Eastern Michigan University. She was hired in 2008, following the dismissal of President John Fallon.

2012 Controversy

Note: this information is still developing, and statements should not be taken as absolute fact. However, the episode is noteworthy and newsworthy, due to the institution and public figure involved. An attempt has been made to present multiple attitudes towards the issue, and this section should be revisited if and when any "conclusion" is reached. 15 July 2012.

In July 2012, an argument between President Martin and the EMU Board of Regents emerged into public view, with the Board reprimanding Martin for what they alleged to be a pattern of alcohol abuse. This allegation appears to rest on two incidents: a 2005 DUI (before Martin came to Eastern), and an heated exchange between Martin and an alumnus after a spring 2012 alumni social event in Washington DC. (The alumnus apparently brought up Eastern's former mascot, the Hurons, as well as the scandal leading to President John Fallon's dismissal. President Martin has stated that she responded poorly, due to drinking wine during the event after a long business day with no breaks for meals.)

Some in the community have called for Martin's resignation or dismissal, saying that her alleged behavior is a liability for the University and, in a Catch-22, treating her denial of alcoholism as evidence that she does in fact have a problem. Others have expressed their support of Martin, and suggest the entire incident may be a power play by Regents conspiring to dismiss the President.

For her part, Martin has publicly apologized to the alumnus (who has publicly shrugged off the whole incident), made a $8,000 to campus alcohol awareness programs, and volunteered to seek counseling, while maintaining that she does not have an alcohol abuse problem.

In the News


In the news

She spent the bulk of her academic career at Grand Valley State University, working there for 17 years as faculty and in administrative positions. After 18 years at Grand Valley, in 2006 she was named provost and vice chancellor of academic affairs at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, which she described as her dream job.