Sweet Gem Confections is a small artisan chocolate shop located in Ann Arbor, Michigan inside the Morgan & York fine wine and specialty foods store on Packard Road. Owned by Nancy Biehn.

The truffles are created and inspired by the natural flavors of the seasons, as well as by customer suggestions and feedback. Sweet Gem Confection's expertise lies in enhancing the already amazing flavors of expertly created chocolate with infusions made from local, organic, farm-fresh cream and butter...fresh local fruits and herbs... exotic teas and spices... and choice spirits from around the world. Sweet Gem Confection's chocolates are 100% preservative free.

There is a window to the kitchen so you can watch.

"Delectable Hand-crafted Chocolates for Every Occasion"

Mmm, chocolate.

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Kitchen: 734-929-6513 Cell: 734-260-8082

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Nancy Biehn smells really good. As Chief Executive Chocolatier of Ann Arbor's Sweet Gem Confections, her person exudes a great aroma beyond her excellent personal hygiene. Her hands are often chocolate-streaked. Her aura is sunny – to be expected in someone whose career path is directed towards enhancing the happiness of others.


In the news