Sze-Chuan West closed in 2011 and was demolished in June 2012.

How it was

Chinese restaurant on Stadium, specializing in Szechuan dishes -- and not the anemic versions you usually find in Michigan Chinese restaurants that have them. As the years have gone by, the restaurant has sadly lightened up both its cave-like atmosphere and its focus on Szechuan cuisine, but it's still a solid contender. Try the General's Chicken (not the usual heavily-battered variety) or the Beef with Hot Peppers and Peanuts (Kung Pao the way it's meant to be, just beef, peanuts, and chilis, with a sprinkling of green onions). Originally part of a chain with the Szechuan restaurant in Canton (the puns are too obvious) which is also still around and perhaps a bit truer to the original style.

The wait staff appears to contain a substantial number of recent immigrants whose English isn't too good, which can be a minor frustration. Don't hesitate to get help in making yourself understood.

2161 W Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, 48103 - (734) 769-5722

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