Meat with a little char, straight off the grill, tortillas with that perfect griddle-heated texture microwaves never achieve, tortas with their complexity of textures and temperatures – cram it all together to steam itself in a Styrofoam box while you drive home, and it’s wrecked. When you order at Taco King, you’ll be tempted to take your food home. Don’t. Taco King’s dining room is hot, as only an un-air conditioned room next to a kitchen can be. It can also be crowded. Eat there anyway.

I have friends who lament the quality of Mexican food in Ann Arbor. Taco King is a new(ish) restaurant in Tienda la Libertad on Liberty at Stadium. I went there last week with a real live Californian to try some tacos. We both agreed that the tacos were pretty good and the homemade salsa was excellent. Also, at $1.50 per taco, the price is quite good. Could this mark a new era in the Mexican food scene in Ann Arbor? Stay tuned. 


Best beans and rice in the Ann Arbor area are still at Taco King on Liberty.

— Vivienne Armentrout (@localinannarbor) January 29, 2013

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