A place where you can have profane language yelled at you at random times by the rude and ignorant bouncers and manager! Who wouldn't want to go?

One of Ann Arbor's last surviving dive bars, it's the only place in town with Old Style on tap. Low ceilings, stale air, darts in front and three pool tables in back. Internet jukebox.

The 8 Ball is in the basement of the Blind Pig at 208 S. First St. It can be reached either by going down the steps next to the bar in the Blind Pig, or by going in the 8 Ball side entrance on the north side of the building.



"The dirtiest and smokiest bar in town but it was interesting to visit once in a while."

"The management is extremely rude" (1 star review)

"Since the smoking ban the true smell has been uncovered...piss, vomit and stale beer." (5 star review)