web site: http://www.trainweb.org/annarbor/

Originally organized as the Ann Arbor Historical Society, the AnnArbor Railroad Technical & Historical Association is dedicated to the accumulation, preservation and dissemination of historical and technical data specifically related to the Ann Arbor Railroad, its predecessors, parent companies, and its successors. We attempt to satisfy the needs of the researcher, railfan, and model railroader with pertinent information

The site includes detailed listings of the trackage, including local companies served, and interchanges with other railroads.

This association deposited records of the Ann Arbor Railroad with the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University. From http://www.trainweb.org/annarbor/Archives/Archive%20index%20for%20AARR%20stuff.htm

Later owners of the Company, according to rumors, destroyed some corporate records.


this article refers to activities and actions which may cause BODILY HARM and GRIEVOUS DANGER go carefully with CAUTION.

MOLD ALERT! Most of the collection was severely contaminated with mold when it was deposited at the Clarke. Processing was delayed until fumigation could occur. Those boxes were fumigated in Skokie (Ill.) in summer 1999. Other, later donations do not appear to be severely contaminated with mold, but patrons should be careful when using these collections.